Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rain, Rain....

Dallas is underwater and in honor of the flood we'll discuss rain boots today.  I was a teeny bit excited to bring out my boots for the first time this season-even if it was just to visit the pediatrician!  Rain boots may be something you don't wear often (depending on your geographic location) but when it does rain it is nice to have a go-to pair to pull out of the closet.  Stella got her first pair of rain boots last week and has worn them every day since then.

Check out my Mommy and Mini guide to the hottest rain boot trends this season:


La Canadienne Pully Boot $160                                                     Lands End Kids Wellie $28


      Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2010                              L.L.  Bean Kids Duck Boots


UO Printed Rainboots $48                                      Hatley Kids Boots $18

Enjoy your rainy days!

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