Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kanye West vs. Baby

I must say, this isn't really fair to babies everywhere...but it is funny.

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Mom book

I read this story in Real Simple and I must admit, it made me cry a little.  Author Jacquelyn Mitchard details her family's tradition of writing a letter or drawing in a book for her each holiday...

"Everyone in my family calls it “the Mom Book,” though technically there are now three of them—each a thick 8½-by-11-inch book of handmade paper, 100 or so pages bound with a plain cover. In every volume, my kids have drawn pictures, written poems, pasted photos, and penned letters. Sometimes their lives and hearts are so full they consume two or three pages. Each entry is dated and signed, even if just with the mark of a thumb in tempera paint.

Occasion by occasion, year by year, the pages have filled with words and pictures, capturing the state of my relationship with each of my kids at a given moment in time. I’ll admit—it’s not always pretty."

Children's cards for thier mothers

So, I guess this Mothers Day all I want is a book for my little ones to fill with funny, sweet and sometimes not-so-sweet sentiments for me.  What a treasure.  

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Vintage, darling

Whenever I see a girl successfully wearing vintage I give her a mental high five as well as some serious cool points.  Shopping vintage takes a bit of a hunter's spirit (and sometimes, unfortunately, a 20 inch waist).  This adorable website can make your little one into "that girl" - you know, the one who can pull off a clock romper while arriving fashionably late for the birthday party.

Does this one come in my size?

Boys too!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Maxi Dresses for Spring

In speaking with a fashion forward pregnant friend of mine yesterday, we discussed the viability of maxi dresses as a summer dressing choice.  Sure, they've been around for several seasons now but they continue to look fresh and and exciting.  As a survivor of two tediously hot Texas summers while expecting, I can vouch for the comfort level and ease of maxi dressing.  Here is a rundown of some of my favorites this season.

Halston Heritage 

Lanston Knit Maxi Dress


My little girl is perfecting the fine art of conversation.  She's been a chatterbox for a while now, but lately she has begun engaging in real conversations.  We are, of course, amazed with the things she comes up with. 

Picture it, diaper changing time for her baby brother with Stella looking on:

Stella: What's that?!?

Me: That is a penis.

Stella: Oh, like Aiden at school!

Me: Oh jeez!