Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Selma Blair's maternity maxi dresses

Take a cue from Selma Blair's cool maxi dress style this summer.  Casual or red carpet, long is the way to go!

Image 4 of ASOS MATERNITY Cut About Stripe Maxi Dress

Alessandra Ambrosio low cut white dress with blue flower print and a pregnant Selma Blair blue orange white patterned maxi dress
P.S. Never stand next to a supermodel when you are pregnant ;)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Breastfeeding photos

Breastfeeding - nearly taboo 30 years ago and today all the rage!  After seeing several totally adorable photos of nursing mothers lately, I want to capture the moment with my little one.  Will it embarrass him when he's a big boy?  Most likely, but what a lovely and fleeting moment to capture on film.  

See Miranda Kerr Suckling Baby Flynn
Miranda Kerr's nursing photos are being called sexy, I think they are a sweet depiction of a working mother (who happens to be a supermodel) making time for her little one between takes.  
Miranda Kerr Tweeted Another Sexy Photo of Herself Suckling Baby Flynn

I've enjoyed Joanna Goddard's exploration of the subject of breastfeeding in private and public.  

I love this vintage photo of her mother nursing Joanna or her sister (and her Clarks Wallabee shoes :)

Do you nurse in public?  What do you think about nursing photos?