Thursday, June 24, 2010

Get your body back

During my first pregnancy I had several experienced mothers tell me to use a girdle after I delivered.  I was pretty appalled - I hate constrictive clothing and besides, isn't that what diet and exercise are for? 

Well, a week after my C-Section I ventured out to find something to put everything back where it belonged.  The trying on phase was excrutiating, but when I found the right piece of shapewear I felt so much better!  I bought both colors in this Spanx shaper and wore them constantly, whether out and about or kicking back with baby they were my constant companions.  After about 8 weeks my body was nearly back to normal and I retired the shapers. 

Trust me, this isn't just a vanity thing, the remainder of your baby belly is pretty uncomfortable especially if you had a C-section. 

I would advise to go ahead and buy something like this while you are expecting so that you'll have it ready after delivery.  Just buy a size up from your regular pre-pregnancy size to allow for your baby belly. 

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