Monday, May 31, 2010

Registry Essential

In preparing my registry for baby number one I was pretty clueless.  The stores give you lists of essentials (wipewarmer, really?) that they would like for you to buy, but I'll give you a list of potential lifesavers.

My first, most useful item is the swaddler.  Of course you can swaddle them in a blanket, if you are an origami expert, but it still won't last all night .  Wrapping them up may seem like baby torture at first, but it simulates the security and coziness of the womb.  With this little miracle, you wrap them up like some silly little burrito and they stay secure and happy through the wee hours of the morning.  Nothing will prevent dark circles under your eyes like a full night of shut eye. 

Kiddopotamus & Co. Organic Cotton SwaddleMe - Ivory

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday wear

Sundays are meant to be spent lolling lazily around the house (even if your toddler wakes you up at 7am).  There's nothing easier and more pretty than a feminine kimono.  Etsy seller Plum Pretty Sugar serves up delicious, delicate kimonos and loungewear that will flatter your bump and your post baby body. 

This handmade floral confection goes for $70.

Gauzy greatness at $60.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Oh, sunny day!

Today's oppressive heat and glaring sun sent me scurrying for my sunglasses only to find them in pieces under the sofa.  My toddler's red cat eye glasses were nowhere to be found either.  New shades all around!

For the pint size diva, I snagged this groovy pair at The Children's Place.  With two pairs for $5, who could resist!

I found my blue blockers at Forever 21.  I swear these are identical to a pair I got in Lake Tahoe on vacation in 1991. 

Here's another guilt free pair of poolside glasses I indulged in.

Each summer I stock up on cheap-n-trendies from Forever 21 so when they break or are swept out to sea, I don't shed a tear for them.

For a great pair of investment glasses, try Oliver Peoples.  They are chic, luxurious and the lenses provide superior quality and sun protection.  Here is a taste:

Friday, May 28, 2010

How do you feel about your washing machine?

“It is so chic and pretty,” said Lagerfeld of the household appliance. “I would like to have one — not to wash clothes but to put in my dressing room to hold my dirty laundry.”

Karl Lagerfeld

Lately, my washing machine has not been washing clothes, just holding dirty laundry.  I feel so trendy.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sarong done right

Memorial Day Swim Suit Special

This weekend is the unofficial start of summer.  Get thy belly to the pool!  Floating in my pool was my last remaining pleasure during my previous summer of pregnancy!  It feels wonderful and takes the added weight off your increasingly puffy feet! 

What's that you say?  Nothing to wear to the pool? 

Behold, the answers:

(There is nothing wrong with rocking your belly out in a regular bikini)

This sarong can be worn as a dress, skirt, or even used as a beach towel or shade covering after too much sun.  A must have for poolside!

Miracle Hair

My hair is naturally straight, limp and lacking volume.  In addition, it tends to get oily and stringy when I don't wash it every other day.  I for one do not have time to wash so frequently, especially in the summer when it is too hot to blow dry! 

That's where this Miracle hair product comes in.

 A few spritzes on damp hair add volume and thickness for days.  I spray it on dry hair to give it a pick-me-up any time.  It also extends time between shampoos to 3-4 days, amazing for a mommy with no time to spare!  I have dabbled in dry shampoos, but this stuff is far superior.  The Amazon reviews say it works for gals with curly locks as well, making them beachy and tousled a la' Kate Hudson.   (She collaborated on this line of products).

As if being a great product weren't enough:

 With an exclusive blend of exotic natural ingredients, DAVID BABAII FOR WILDAID products are free of sulfates, parabens, animal products and animal testing. For Hudson and Babaii, DAVID BABAII FOR WILDAID celebrates "The nature in beauty and the beauty in nature."

And a percentage of the revenue from the line benefits the global wildlife conservation organization WildAid.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Please don't do this to your son

Gauze pants - you need em!

I ordered a pair of black gauze pants on a couple of weeks ago.  When they arrived, I swear I did not take them off for the entire weekend.  They had a luxurious elastic waistband and are so breezy it is like wearing nothing.  Another plus is that they will work for non maternity too, the perfect poolside companion for summers to come.  I want to put them on every single day when I get home from work, I really should have bought 2 pairs!

Here are a couple of pairs for you to peruse:

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Buh bye, stretch marks!

My Mom brought me a bottle of this during my first pregnancy.  The retro 70's nude woman on the bottle is now a familiar friend.  I slathered my bump with this after every bath or shower and did not get a single stretch mark for baby number one.  Now, 5 months into baby number two, I still end my showers with Mother's Special Blend.  It has a very faint, pleasant nutty scent.  I recommend lubing up immediately after your shower or bath and then patting dry.  The price is in the $10 range and one bottle will get you through your entire pregnancy! 

Favorite "Maternity" tops

Some maternity wear may be necessary (denim, swimwear); but other items needn't be made for mommys to be a good fit.  Here are some of my current favorite non-maternity tops that will flatter and accomodate your bump.

  • cool and casual - A great tank top alternative
  • evening appropriate - Neives Lavi's stretch silk is the coolest, comfiest fabric
  • nautical teeCrisp and nautical, it has plenty of stretch and length and is oddly slimming
  • gorgeous topper - throw this silk cardigan over just about anything to "make" your outfit

Happy shopping!

Sunscreen - the low down

Every body, whether expecting or not, should take a peek at this 2010 Sunscreen Guide.  This debunks fact from manufacturer claims and gives you choices that actually protect you from the sun without hormone altering chemicals.  Any product touting an SPF of more than 50 is all hype and not a good choice.

I'll be buying  this one from Jason to slather on the bump and the family this summer!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Accessories are a girl's best friend

Everyone looks adorable in a sun hat.  Not only will it keep you cool, but also relieves the pressure to have great hair when it is just not happening.  Here are a few that go from poolside to out shopping in a snap.  Throw it on with your cut-offs and a T-shirt and find yourself looking fashion forward even on a Sunday morning emergency grocery run!

  • Nautical hat - this whimsical chapeau will enliven even your most dressed down duds
  • Goes with everything - This Urban Outfitters gem is begging to be worn to brunch!
  • My Madagascar fair trade hat is my current obsession this summer.  You can fold it, pack it, flip it up and wear it any number of ways and it always looks great!