Monday, February 7, 2011

Store Stalker - Nasty Gal Maternity

This week's challenge is inspired by my husband.  He recently peeked at my screen as I was checking my email and spotted a missive titled "NASTY GAL" in big, bold font.  His comments were to the effect of "what the heck are you looking at?"  I responded that it was a store (which didn't help) and then had to explain that it is an edgy clothing store for girls younger than myself.  

The email was sent via Refinery29, I think that generally the only moms shopping from this site are featured in a certain MTV reality series.

I figured why not challenge myself to find a tasteful, age appropriate maternity ensemble from a store called NASTY GAL...

Here goes - 

Sicily Suede Heel - White

It turned out to be a study in neutrals with some ballet accents tossed in for good measure.

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