Saturday, May 29, 2010

Oh, sunny day!

Today's oppressive heat and glaring sun sent me scurrying for my sunglasses only to find them in pieces under the sofa.  My toddler's red cat eye glasses were nowhere to be found either.  New shades all around!

For the pint size diva, I snagged this groovy pair at The Children's Place.  With two pairs for $5, who could resist!

I found my blue blockers at Forever 21.  I swear these are identical to a pair I got in Lake Tahoe on vacation in 1991. 

Here's another guilt free pair of poolside glasses I indulged in.

Each summer I stock up on cheap-n-trendies from Forever 21 so when they break or are swept out to sea, I don't shed a tear for them.

For a great pair of investment glasses, try Oliver Peoples.  They are chic, luxurious and the lenses provide superior quality and sun protection.  Here is a taste:

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