Friday, April 22, 2011

The Mom book

I read this story in Real Simple and I must admit, it made me cry a little.  Author Jacquelyn Mitchard details her family's tradition of writing a letter or drawing in a book for her each holiday...

"Everyone in my family calls it “the Mom Book,” though technically there are now three of them—each a thick 8½-by-11-inch book of handmade paper, 100 or so pages bound with a plain cover. In every volume, my kids have drawn pictures, written poems, pasted photos, and penned letters. Sometimes their lives and hearts are so full they consume two or three pages. Each entry is dated and signed, even if just with the mark of a thumb in tempera paint.

Occasion by occasion, year by year, the pages have filled with words and pictures, capturing the state of my relationship with each of my kids at a given moment in time. I’ll admit—it’s not always pretty."

Children's cards for thier mothers

So, I guess this Mothers Day all I want is a book for my little ones to fill with funny, sweet and sometimes not-so-sweet sentiments for me.  What a treasure.  

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