Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bell Bottoms

I have a distinct memory dating back to my childhood in the mid 1980's of watching a mariachi band play poolside at a Galveston hotel.  The men were all clad in exaggerated bell bottoms and I told my mother I would NEVER wear bell bottoms.  I was deep into jeans pegging that year and specialized in techniques for getting those bad boys as skinny as humanly possible.  

In the late 90's my Mom reminded me of this as I chose a pair of slightly flared jeans as my back to school denim purchase.  

I was instantly transported back to these risk taking mariachis when I first glimpsed my Angies.  

Citizens of Humanity Angie Super Flare jeans $228 Shopbop  or locally at Tootsies

I am completely smitten with these jeans.  They are perfection.  The mariachis were onto something.

Mexican mariachi charro man and poncho Mexico girl colorful facade houses Stock Photo - 9534125

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