Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tasty Shower Sips

If you are planning a shower or the lucky recipient of one, here are a few ideas for drinks that the Mom-to-be can enjoy.  I usually offer a signature mocktail at a baby shower and set a bottle of an appropriate spirit nearby for those who would like to "spike".   

When it comes to showers, although alcohol might be the norm, it's always easier to do without. It not only saves on your budget, but means there's less people manning the bar and more time to spend in attention to food and decor. A few of the cocktails below do have alcohol in them, but aren't so loaded down that it's not easy enough to remove. Check out our suggestions for making each one as awesome as they can be!

1. Quick Cocktail: Raspberry Limeade Cooler: Eliminating the vodka out of this recipe is simple. Just replace it with a little club soda or even lemon-lime soda and you're good to go. It's bright, bold and ooooh so refreshing. Garnish with lime zest or whole berries and it will make quire the presentation.

2. How To Make Lemon Shake Ups at Home: Part lemonade, part slushy, these Lemon Shake Ups make a big impression at parties as they have the look and feel of a mixed drink without any of the tipsy side effects. Try adding a little of your favorite fizzy soda for a more bubbly effect.

3. Breakfast Mocktail: Orange and Elderflower Spritzer: Some of the best showers we've ever attended have been in the morning. We love the idea of twisting up a traditional orange juice and giving it a little bubbly. If you'd like a richer, less fizzy option try Roasted Vanilla Orange Juice... so good!

4. Recipe Review: Icy-Cool Green Tea Mojitos: This drink can be made with or without the white rum and twists a traditional mojito up with a bit of green tea, perfect for a little refreshment and any drink looks better when there's bits of mint about!

5. Spring Drink: Blackberry Elderflower Spritzer with Mint: If it isn't obvious by now, we're madly in love with Elderflower around these parts. It helps if you live near an IKEA, or have a friend who will ship you a bottle of concentrate, but this drink looks as good as it tastes and can be made for a crowd or just a few.

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