Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Blanky Bliss

As a new mom, you will be given a ton of blankets.  If you get these, you won't have much use for the others!  These generously proportioned muslin beauties serve a multitude of purposes: swaddling, covering, wiping, drying and peek a boo!  They are thin and stretchy, making them great for swaddling.  When we attempted swaddling with most "receiving" blankets, they were too small for our healthy sized little one; these are a good 10 inches larger making them the perfect choice.  Their breezy breathability ensures your baby won't burn up in them, even during hot summer months.  They come in a multitude of chic prints (I like the black and white) so you can use them for your child as they grow without looking like a baby blanket.   

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