Monday, June 28, 2010

Safety Seat

We just scored the convertible car seat I've been eying for a bargain!  With our little one starting Parents Day Out this summer, we need two seats so either parent can do drop off or pick up without swapping the seat out. 

I've been researching online and decided that the Safety 1st Air Protect is the one we want.  It accomodates infants/toddlers/children 5 - 50 lbs and you can keep them rear facing (safest) up to 35 lbs.  I also like the "air" pillows that cradle both sides of the head, she's much more comfortable napping in it because her head doesn't loll about like it does in our old seat.  It usually runs between $179 and $239 and can be found at Target and Babies R Us.  This weekend at Babies R Us, they had the "Harvest" color on sale for $119!  What a deal!

Not a bad item to buy or register for now, as they will be outgrowing the infant carrier before you know it!

I asked Stella yesterday what she thought of her new seat and she said "Love It!"

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