Thursday, January 13, 2011

Comfort Shoes - Cool?

Urban Outfitters has the audacity and ability to take the most nerdy, old, comfortable things and turn them into hipster must-haves.  Their latest conquest is the comfort shoe.  I must say I've been drooling over Kork Ease since last summer, but now that they are in the UO catalog I must have another pair! 

When I was in grade school I found a pair similar to these in a thrift store and sported them all summer (when I wasn't barefootin').

vintage red leather knot wedge granny sandals. 8.
Dorky yes, but I could run  in these suckers too!

Much to my surprise, UO is also featuring the Bass Margie sandal in it's Spring catalog.

Needles to say, they are in my shopping cart as I type. 

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