Friday, January 28, 2011

Mom in Chief

Regardless of your feelings about our nation's President, you pretty much have to give props to Michelle Obama for being a role model as a mother, philanthropist and modern fashion icon.  This week she came under fire for her bold choice of a red Alexander McQueen gown for a State Dinner honoring China's President Hu Jintao.

First Lady Michelle Obama chose a bold, Alexander McQueen dress to wear to Wednesday night's state dinner.

The CFDA and some American designers are critisizing her for choosing a British designer for such a high profile event.  Michelle has worn her fair share of American designers during her reign as first lady, almost to the point of excluding European designers.

As a woman who has had wardrobe moments when nothing looks good, I say Michelle should wear whatever makes her feel confident.  Maybe her Oscar and Carolina just weren't working out that day.  Maybe that Vera Wang was making her bum look like a balloon.  Who knows what tiny tortures a woman endures when getting dressed for a high profile event!  The bottom line is: when all eyes are on you, you have to feel confident in what your are wearing.  Michelle owned that McQueen and made us all proud of our fashionable first lady.

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