Friday, March 25, 2011

Tiny Dallas

I am so excited about the new tinyDallas site recently launched by several local bloggers.  It is perfectly tailored to parents leading fun, fashionable and thoughtful lives while raising children!  I admit to googling "what to do in Dallas this weekend with kids" in moments of desperation and boredom.  Problem solved - the awesome editorial team will clue you in to good times (think more Cibus than Chuck E. Cheese) and good taste (KXT rather than Radio Disney).   

Their credo:

We believe in books, Netflix, Pandora, NPR, having a “uniform” and that coffee is essential.

We believe in dining with our kids at good restaurants even if it means fellow diners give us the stink-eye.

We believe an impromptu living room dance party can rescue a gloomy afternoon.

We believe there’s no such thing as “kid music”; just good music.

We believe in DIY…and sometimes we just believe in the idea of DIY.

We believe in taking our kids to the “grown up” part of the museum.

We believe in wonky homemade cards but often find ourselves settling for the store bought version.

We believe in Zara, H&M, indie labels, vintage and the occasional splurge on a good pair of “forever” shoes.

We believe in pie crust made from scratch and take-out Thai food.

We believe in being good parents…which sometimes is all about the right bribe.


KR said...

I love tiny dallas and so glad you're getting the word out!

sunny said...

Thanks for the nice words about TD. So glad you like it and happy to know about your blog.

Joslyn said...

thanks so much for the mention lady! i love your blog!