Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What Not To Wear - Parenting By Dummies

I just caught a great episode of What Not To Wear (such a great show, love it!) about a cute, young mommy blogger who needed a new look.  Amanda of Parenting by Dummies devoted all of her time and effort to her 3 children, leaving no time to take care of herself.  Fashion wizards, Stacy and Clinton went pretty easy on her in the 360 mirror and taught her how to find clothes to take her from frumpy (sweat pants) to freakin' gorgeous (see below).  Ted played up her natural curls and Carmindy outlined a makeup look that would be quick to recreate as a busy mom...and voila!  



Her situation is something I've heard from many moms who spend their "me" time shopping at Baby Gap and going to soccer games rather than visiting the salon and shopping for new boots.  You can be a great mom and still take time for yourself!  If you are a happy, confident woman it will make you a better mommy and role model.  

be sure to check out Parenting By Dummies, her witty take on life is hilarious.

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Karen said...

Wasn't that great to see a Mama blogger that we all 'know' on What Not to Wear?! I thought so! And yes, its a reminder to us that it's okay to be as stylish as our cute kidlets. :>